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About Us

Founded in 1997 by ADR pioneer and renowned mediator Professor Eric D. Green and his partner, mediator and attorney Carmin C. Reiss, Resolutions, LLC is a leading provider of mediation, arbitration, and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services for complex, legally intensive disputes. Through the skills of Green, Reiss, fellow Principal Fouad Kurdi, and Affiliates Hon. Nancy Gertner, Professor Dwight Golann, and Hon. Hiller Zobel, Resolutions, LLC has been instrumental in the resolution of  thousands of difficult contract, construction, environmental, securities, anti-trust, intellectual property, bankruptcy, sports and entertainment, international, employment, mass-tort, class-action and other matters requiring a high level of legal, dispute resolution, and interpersonal expertise.

Resolutions, LLC specializes in high-stakes, high-profile, multi-party situations requiring the services of an experienced, capable, and creative neutral for effective management and resolution of the dispute. Resolutions, LLC accepts direct engagements by all parties involved in a dispute, as well as appointments by the court or selected by state and federal governmental agencies to serve as Mediator, Special Master, Trustee, Monitor or in another neutral role. Resolutions, LLC also mediates and arbitrates smaller disputes presenting typical resolution challenges, and offers ADR training and consulting services to corporations, law firms, government, professional organizations, and institutions of all kinds.

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Areas of Expertise

Neutral Administration






Eric D. Green

Professor Green is one of the pioneers of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in the United States and around the world

Carmin C.Reiss

Carmin C. Reiss, a professor and former litigator, has mediated the resolution of hundreds of challenging disputes on a wide array of subjects

Fouad Kurdi

Fouad mediates high-stakes, complex disputes that span a wide range of legal specialties


Hon. Nancy Gertner (Ret.)

Hon. Nancy Gertner (Ret.) served on the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts from 1994

Hon. Hiller B. Zobel (Ret.)

Hon. Hiller B. Zobel (Ret.) served as an Associate Justice of the Massachusetts Superior Court for more than 26 years,

Dwight Golann

Dwight Golann has been a mediator and teacher of dispute resolution for two decades and has resolved complex legal disputes

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