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Notable Experience

Resolutions, LLC provides the full range of ADR services – convening, scheduling, administration, management, hearings, neutral facilitation and evaluation, and post-settlement follow-up. Some examples of disputes in which Resolutions, LLC has played a primary neutral role include:

  • Mediation of over a dozen global resolutions involving claims asserted by states, local governments, tribes, third-party payors, and hospitals in the opioid litigation—resulting in settlements exceeding $20 billion.
  • Mediation of federal antitrust case involving a challenged multi-billion dollar cross-border merger.
  • Mediation of cases alleging price-fixing, market allocation, and horizontal and vertical restraints of trade, including pharmaceutical cases involving agreements related to the Hatch/Waxman Act, price-fixing claims asserted against protein producers, and the largest settlement in antitrust history, the merchants class-action against payment card companies.
  • Mediation of multiple PFAS-related disputes, including claims asserted by state attorneys general, public water systems, and individuals against chemical suppliers, industrial operators, and other defendants.
  • Mediation of highly complex bankruptcy disputes, including multiple chapter 11 cases involving divisional mergers (so-called “Texas Two-Step” cases) and a nine-figure settlement involving claims asserted against a large private student loan provider.
  • Mediation of several multi-state attorneys general enforcement actions.
  • Mediation of hundreds of alleged sexual assault claims asserted against transportation providers.
  • Mediation of multiple college sports disputes, including conference realignment, NIL claims, and league and conference rules.
  • Mediation of United States v. Microsoft, the federal and state antitrust cases against Microsoft Corporation, and follow-on cases.
  • Mediation of design and construction disputes related to National Football League and Major League Baseball stadiums in Chicago, Phoenix, Houston, Boston, Cleveland, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh and basketball/hockey arenas and college football stadiums.
  • Securities class actions and derivative cases involving dozens of Fortune 500 companies.
  • Mediated allocation of RIFS and remediation costs in CERCLA enforcement and private cost-recovery actions.
  • Patent infringement, invalidity, and licensing disputes involving high-tech, software, and biological companies.
  • Pension, employment, and ERISA disputes such as cases involving the adoption of cash-balance plans; executive buy-out and severance cases; and ERISA class action cases.
  • Settlement of multiple multi-party and class action cases involving alleged exposure to toxic products and environmental releases or other mass torts i.e., PCB, PPA, PFC’s, manufacturing fumes and chemicals, mercury, TCE, asbestos.
  • Insurance coverage and reinsurance treaty disputes involving property and casualty, business interruption, officers and directors, fidelity, EIL, and other types of insurance coverage, including cases arising out of the 9/11 attacks and losses.
  • Mediation and arbitration of many cases involving the design, construction, operation, or failure of power plants, transmission facilities, industrial plants, bridges and tunnels, schools, office, museums, highways.
  • International disputes involving transnational corporations and joint ventures, or foreign-countries or agencies.
  • Legal, medical, accounting, and architectural/engineering professional negligence cases.
  • Mediation of disputes between celebrity athletes and entertainers and their agents or business relations.
  • Appointments by courts to serve as Trustee, Claims Administrator, Guardian Ad Litem, Special Master, or Legal Representative in complex class-action and bankruptcy cases, such as the Takata, Insys Therapeutics, Halliburton (Dresser Industries) pre-packaged bankruptcy, Federal Mogul bankruptcy, Babcock & Wilcox bankruptcy, Met-Coil bankruptcy, and Fiberboard class action.
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